Praestabilis – Excellence in Marketing – 049

Welcome to Episode 49 of Praestabilis: Excellence in Marketing

PraestabilisIn Episode 49 the topic is “Baby Steps: Are They Keeping You From Achieving Excellence?” The idea of taking small steps as you approach something new in your life may be beneficial initially. Over time, you must take regular and giant steps in order to achieve your goals.

I have a new book with Ellen Finkelstein entitled Speakers! The Quick Public Speaking to Business Method: Turning Your Talk into an Ongoing Revenue Stream. Whether you are brand new to speaking or are a seasoned public speaker, this book will make a difference for you.

The first book I co-authored with Ellen is Authors! The Quick Book to Business Method: Turning Your Book into an Ongoing Revenue Stream and in it we teach and explain how you can write a book that will represent you well and create multiple streams of income for you, as it continues to do for us and many others.

I have just completed another new book titled Booster Rocket Launches: Helping Your Prospects to Find You Everywhere. I’m using my ongoing authorship as an example of why baby steps will never take you where you’d like to go in your life and business.

Let’s Get Back to How to Create Passive Income

For example, you’re a content writer and you get paid by the word. This means that if you write a certain number of words, you get a certain number of dollars. The rate you receive might be excellent and your earnings high. But there’s a ceiling that you’ll never break through because even at a good rate, you only have so much time and there’s only so much work you can do.

Or, you write an eBook. You do some background work to create the book, publish it, and advertise it. This includes building a website where people can purchase and download your eBook, and efforts to drive traffic to this site. The site is totally automated. People land there and buy, and the cash rolls in without you doing anything further.

Ideas for Passive Income Streams

So, how do people create passive incomes? Here are some of the common ways people do this:

eBooks. You can create eBooks and publish them on platforms like Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) as Kindle downloads or paperback books . You may also use a platform you own and control like I do with Nanacast for most of my products and courses. They can be selling on those platforms (as well as your website) while you take care of other business.

Evergreen Online Courses. Offer online automated courses and webinars. These aren’t live courses, but pre-recorded and automated, and on “evergreen” topics that are always relevant.

Digital Products. Create other types of digital products such as video tutorials and podcasts that teach your audience how to do something. These can be available for purchase and download.

Membership Sites. Create a membership site that charges for membership or runs on a subscription basis.

Affiliate Marketing. Sell similar products offered by other vendors for a commission. I have an active affiliate program you may wish to sign up for at Affiliate Links and Tools.

Entrepreneurship Allow You to Call the Shots

Having complete control over my time and income has provided me with a lifestyle I could not have previously imagined. This has spilled over to my personal life and to the lives of the people I love on two continents. If you are considering a life as an online entrepreneur and author I would be honored to be able to work closely with you.

I would love to know your thoughts on these concepts. Please visit my main sites at Connie Ragen Green and Huge Profits Tiny List. Connect with me on Twitter for the latest updates and announcements.

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Thank you for this opportunity to serve you as I share my beliefs, perceptions, and experiences as an author, online entrepreneur, and marketing strategist with you. Marketing has become the joy of my life as I continue to learn, grow, and share concepts with others.

I’m bestselling author, marketing strategist, and online entrepreneur Connie Ragen Green and I would love to connect further with you to help you to achieve your goals. If you are interested in learning how to optimize the syndication of your content, please take a look at my popular Syndication Optimization training course and consider coming aboard to increase your visibility, credibility, and profitability.